Mary Magenta Art Pins

Inspired by the TREE OF LIFE series, these new art pins are the result of a successful Kickstarter MAKE 100 Project. With my 30 backer’s support, I turned these art pins into a learning project. I have indeed learned about metal works in the last few months. Originally, I called these enamel pins, turns out my art presented better as a photodome print! I’m flexible and I like that name too!
What ever the technical term, they will be a joy to wear and even more fun to share!

These lovely art pins are 1” x 1.25” metal and feature favorite art images from my calendars. Perfect as charming gifts, and for adorning yourself; especially while wearing your cool denim jackets! These pins are high quality and they easily attach to fabric with two clasps on the back.


1″x 1.25″

Printed Art on metal backing